Day 54 - March 7

So this warrants a post, I think!

Today, I worked from 8:45 AM until 9:30 PM, which isn’t unusual for me. I really enjoy the long shifts; the days go by really fast and I always end up working with someone fun, not to mention I pretty much adore my job.

Today, I was at position Load 2 when the Signal 25 alarm went off. The Signal 25 alarm goes off when there is a detected fire in the building, or when someone pulls the fire alarm. Marissa, who was at Load 3, is in charge of hitting the Signal 25 button, which keeps the ride from Emergency Stopping when a fire alarm is pulled. It seems like it would make sense for the ride to emergency stop for a fire, but if the ride stops, we have to emergency evacuate, which can take up to 45 minutes. If we instead continue the ride as normal, everyone is off and out of the building in less than 20.

Between Marissa and I, we got the button pressed, 911 called and our queue dumped. Then she was directed to Greeter to tell people the ride was down, and I was directed to post show, to direct people off the ride and out of the building. Reedy Creek Fire Department responded in less than a minute to the alarm, which was awesome. We had the building cleared of guests in 18 minutes.

And for the record, the “fire” was actually a light in Project Tomorrow which burnt out and started smoking. But still, we did exactly as we should have, and it went really well considering most of us had never been in the situation before. I was really impressed with how everyone systematically figured out what their role was and where they needed to be.

I also got my first Four Keys card today. I’m not sure if I’ve written about the Four Keys before, but they’re pretty much the cardinal virtues of Disney. In order of importance, they are: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. When a manager or coordinator thinks that a cast member has gone above and beyond in one or more of these categories, they get a Four Keys card, which is an acknowledgment of their good job and a little confidence boost (and you’re also entered into a raffle for a Disney cruise - but that’s another story…). Because of our excellent response to the Signal 25, I got a Safety and Efficiency Four Keys card, which was awesome, and also slightly hilarious.

I say hilarious because I was sure I was going to be the one person in the world who gets a Four Keys card for Show, because I am always ridiculously in-character. I even tell guests not to use flash on the ride because it startles the cave-people. But it was still very exciting to get, and I’ve put it up on my cork board to remind myself that I did excellent Disney work today.

Tomorrow I work another long day, and will hopefully be able to extend to work Extra Magic Hours as well, which are incredibly fun to work. Then I work Saturday evening, after which I will be going to the Holiday Inn to meet up with Mom, Carianne and Chris, who will be here for my birthday! I’m excited to see them, and to spend my birthday at the Flower & Garden Festival in EPCOT. 

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